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A  premiere sub-specialty clinic for all of your digestive needs located in Huntsville, Alabama. We provide diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for gastroenterologic diseases.


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Dr. Michael Dohrenwend and Staff

Center for Digestive Health is a specialty physician practice that specializes in Gastroenterology. We focus on diagnosis and treatment of esophageal, gastric, liver, gallbladder, intestinal, and colonic disorders. You can find out more on our             page.

It is recommended by

the ACG that at age 50, patients have a colonoscopy as colon cancer screening and prevention.

New Patients

We are happy that you chose our practice to help you with your healthcare. Our healthcare providers are board certified, and our staff is ready to assist you.


We accept most insurance plans. Please call our office or your insurance plan to confirm if

Dr. Dohrenwend is a provider for your insurance plan prior to your appointment. Copays are due at the time of your appointment. We accept credit cards, cash or checks for co-pays.


Below are our new patient forms. Please print and fill out prior to your office appointment to save time. An accurate medical history and medication list are very important to each patients optimal healthcare. An accurate medication list made within 30 days is required for every office visit.

New Patient Forms


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Dr. Michael Dohrendwend, Board Certified Gastroenterologist

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